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Core courses

In teaching, the Department offers students with core lecture courses of genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, bioinformatics, developmental biology, neurobiology, protein chemistry, cancer biology, and biotechnology with emphasizing not only in principle but also the trend of forefront technology. In addition, to strengthen students’ knowledge of basic biomedical sciences, we acquire academic supports from other clinical-orientated fields in the campus. The faculty members in medical school of Chung Shan Medical University support us in the area of human biology, physiology, anatomy, histology, biostatistics, microbiology, and immunology. Innovative courses for students across the University provide foundational knowledge in the sciences and medicine emphasizing multidisciplinary connections. To strengthen students’ skill in practical work, courses such as molecular biology, cell biology, bioinformatics, and biotechnology are taught both in lectures and laboratory practices. Moreover, the Department provides a unique course of literature discussion in groups for each semester in four years of study that allows students developing capability on reading, skill in presentation, and above all critical thinking that is essential for sound research. We also offer the course “Seminar in English” in which students can incorporate their scientific knowledge and training into journal reading and presentation in all English environments. Students are strongly encouraged to write in English, think in English, and speak in English.

Research course

Moreover, our faculty members aim to provide stimulating and interactive environment to attract young students taking part in research. In the Department, special research project courses designed for serious research-orient studies have been much appreciated. Students have opportunity to participate in research projects advised by faculty members. Without a doubt many students have engaged in research work in their junior year of study, most of who have chosen to take the research course each semester and have continued to the final year of study with fruitful outcomes such as being attendees of science conference and authors of research manuscripts in peer-viewed journals. Recognized by its outstanding teaching, the Department has continuously been funded by the Ministry of Education for the improvement of teaching in biotechnology with a sum of several million New Taiwan dollars per year since 2002.