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Chuan Li (Professor, Ph. D.)

Chuan Li

(Professor; Ph. D)


Tel:886-4-2473-0022 ext 12321


Interests in Research

My laboratory has been studying stable protein methylation since 1997 for mostly arginine methylation in lymphoblastoid cells and HeLa cells. We successfully utilized bioinformatic as well as proteomic tools to globally study protein arginine methylation both for the protein arginine methyltransferases (PRMT) and the methylaccepting proteins. Besides, we have been involved in studies of human genetic diseases such as fragile X mental retardation, spinocerebellar ataxia, dentatorubral and pallidoluysian atrophy and Hirschsprung disease.

We also use zebrafish as a model system to study protein arginine methylation We have successfully established the zebrafish culture system and analyzed the expression patterns of the zebrafish PRMT genes and knock-downed the expression of PRMT1 gene by antisense morpholino oligonucleotide (AMO). We have characterized the phenotypes of the morphants and are analyzing the arginine-methylated proteins in embryogenesis.

In our previous proteomic studies, we have identified a few RNA binding proteins that are candidate protein arginine methylated protein. We have obtained evidences of the modification and would like to further pursue the physiological roles of the modification. We thus would like to use cultured human cells as well as zebrafish as the model systems to characterize protein arginine methylation of specific RNA binding proteins and to investigate the involvement of the posttranslational modification in cellular function and embryogenesis.

Publications (at most 7 publications in recent 5 years)

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