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Yi-Chun Wang

Yi-Chun Wang

(Assistant Professor; Ph. D)


Tel(Office):886-4-2473-0022 ext 12403
Tel(Lab):886-4-2473-0022 ext 11812


Interests in Research

  1. Molecular Genetics
  2. Bioinformatics
  3. Molecular Biology

Publications (at most 7 publications in recent 5 years)

  • Yi-Chun Wang, Chiu-Yun Kung, Mao-Chang Su, Ching-Chyuan Su, Hsiu-Mei Hsu, Chin-Chu Tsai, Chyi-Chyang Lin and Shuan-Yow Li (2002). Mutations of Cx26 gene (GJB2) for prelingual deafness in Taiwan. Euro. J. Hum. Genet. 10, 495-498. (SCI)
  • Yi-Chun Wang, Chuan Li, Mei-Ling Lin, Wei-Hsiang Lin, and Shuan-Yow Li. (2000). Molecular Diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome and Distribution of CGG Repeats in The FMR-1 Gene in Taiwanese. J. Formos. Med. Assoc. 99, 402-407. (SCI)
  • Shan-Li Tseng, Yi-Chun Wang, Shuan-Yow Li. (1999) The Locus of sY84 is Not Associated With spermatogenesis—"Is It Better to Find Adam or Study Spermatogenesis?—A Different Opinion". Fertility & Sterility. 72, 375-376. (SCI)
  • Yi-Chun Wang, Mei-Ling Lin, Shio Jean Lin, Yueh-Chun Li, and Shuan-Yow Li. (1997). A Novel Point Mutation Within Intron 10 of FMR-1 Gene Causing Fragile X Syndrome. Human Mutation 10, 393-399. (SCI)
  • Shuan-Yow Li, Yung-Cheng Joseph Chen, Te-Jen Lai, Chuan-Yu Hsu, and Yi-Chun Wang. (1993). Molecular and cytogenetic analyses of autism in Taiwan. Hum. Genet. 92, 441-445. (SCI)
  • Yi-Chun Wang, and Shuan-Yow Li. (1994). A study of fragile X chromosome expression and p(CGG)n amplification in FMR-1 gene in a large family. J. Genet. Mol. Biol. 5, 15-21.
  • Yi-Chun Wang and Shuan-Yow Li. (1993). Molecular and cytogenetic detection of the fragile X chromosome in fibroblast culture. J. Genet. Mol. Biol. 4, 15-22.