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Yi-Chun Wang

Yi-Chun Wang

(Assistant Professor; Ph. D)


Tel(Office):886-4-2473-0022 ext 12403
Tel(Lab):886-4-2473-0022 ext 11812


Interests in Research

  1. Sequence data mining
  2. Bioinformatics
  3. Molecular Phylogenetics


Publications (at most 7 publications in recent 5 years)

  • Yi-Chun Wang, Chien-Wen Wang1, Wen-Chang Lin, Yun-Jung Tsai, Chien-Ping Chang, Yu-Jen Lee, Min-Jon Lin, Chuan Li (2017, Sep). Identification, chromosomal arrangements and expression analyses of the evolutionarily conserved prmt1 gene in chicken in comparison with its vertebrate paralogue prmt8. PLoS ONE 12(9): e0185042
  • Yu-Ching Huang, Ming-Shiun Tsai, Pei-Chi Hsieh, Jheng-Hong Shih, Tsu-ShingWang, Yi-Chun Wang, Ting-Hui Lin, Sue-HongWang (2017, Aug). Galangin ameliorates cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity by attenuating oxidative stress, inflammation and cell death in mice through inhibition of ERK and NFkappaB signaling. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 329 (2017) 128–139.
  • Yi-Chun Wang, Jing-Doo Wang, Chin-Han Chen, Yi-Wen Chen, Chuan Li (2015, Mar). A novel BLAST-Based Relative Distance (BBRD) method can effectively group members of protein arginine methyltransferases and suggest their evolutionary relationship.. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 84, 101-111.
  • Lei-Jiau Hsieh, Ya-Ming Cheng, Yi-Chun Wang, Chyi-Chyang Lin, Yueh-Chun Li (2014, Jun). Organization and evolution of a novel cervid satellite DNA with yeast CDEI-like repeats. Zoological Studies, 53:25.
  • Jing-Doo Wang, Yi-Chun Wang (2014, Mar). Mining for Representative Regions of Virus Genuses via Protein Sequences Clustering. International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics, 9(3), 321-337.