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王淑紅 副教授



(Dr. Sue-Hong Wang)




Tel:(04)2473-0022 ext 11803;12309













中山醫學大學 副教授~ 迄今

中山醫學大學 助理教授

仁德醫護管理專科學校 助理教授

中央研究院分子生物研究所 短期研究員

動物科技研究所 博士後研究員

衛生署疾病管制局 博士後研究員 



乳鐵蛋白基因轉殖母豬乳腺相關基因之表現,乳汁成份之差異及對仔豬發育之影響 (NSC 89-2316-B-407-001)


利用基因踢除小鼠研究胚胎幹原細胞新的ENK基因之功能 (NSC 91-2314-B-407-001)


小鼠胚胎幹原細胞新的ENK基因功能之分析 (NSC 92-2314-B-040-035- )


小鼠胚胎幹細胞表現之新穎基因功能之分析 (NSC 93-2314-B-040-033- )


小鼠新穎母源性Eso-1基因功能分析 (NSC:95-2320-B-040-041-MY2)


小鼠新穎母源性Eso-1基因功能分析(2/2) (NSC:95-2320-B-040-041-MY2)


小鼠染色體14A3區性腺表現基因群的分子特性與功能分析 (NSC 97-2320-B-040 -010 -MY3) (1/3) 

98 年度:

小鼠染色體14A3區性腺表現基因群的分子特性與功能分析 (NSC 97-2320-B-040 -010 -MY3) (2/3) 


  • 發育生物學

  • 分子生物學

  • 分子生殖學

  • 普通生物學

  • 幹細胞技術學


(A): 期刊論文

  • Huang*, S.L, Chou, T.C., Lin, T.H, Tsai, M.S., and Wang, S.H.. (2013) Gcse, a novel germ-cell specific gene, is differentially expressed during meiosis and gametogenesis. Reproduction Sciences (Accept)(IF: 2.44; Ranking:18/79= 22.7%; OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY )
  • Leung, P.O., Wang, S.H., Lu, S.H., Chou, W.H., Shiau, C,Y. and Chou, T.C. (2011) Simvastatin inhibits pro-inflammatory mediators through induction of heme oxygenase-1 expression in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated RAW264.7 macrophages. Toxicology letters, 207, 159-166.(SCI)( IF: 3.581; Ranking: 17/83=20%).
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  • Li, H., Tsai, M.S., Chen, C.Y.,Lian, W.C., Chiu,Y.T., Chen, G.D.and Wang, S.H. (2006) A novel ma ternally     transcribed homeobox gene, Eso-1, is preferentially expressed in oocytes and regulated by toplasmicpolyadenylation. Mol. Reprod. Dev. 73, 825-833.(IF:2.53;Ranking: 12/25=48%)
  • Tsai, M.S., Chiu, Y.T., Wang, S.H. , Hsieh-Li, H.M. and Li, H.(2006) Abolishing Trp53-dependent apoptosis does not benefit spinal muscular atrophy model mice. Eur. J. Hum. Genet.  14, 372-375.(IF: 4.003; Ranking: 69/263=26%)  
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(B): 研討會論文

  • Chia-Ling Shih*, Ming-Shiun Tsai, Liang-Jen Chuo, and Sue-Hong Wang#. Statistically Analyzing Correlations between Schizophrenia and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Candidate Genes. 2012 7th International Symposium on Genomic Medicine of CCH. 2012 Symposium of Taiwan Society for Mitochondrial Research and Medicine. 2012 Symposium of Australasian College of Medical Sciences and Research. 2012 Oct. 26-27. Taichung/Changhua, Taiwan. P-22.

  • Bo-Hao Jiang, Kuei-Mei Hsu, Dong-Yuan Liao, Sue-Hong Wang, Ming-Shium Tsai #. (2012) The Immuno-modulatory Effects of Extracted and Purified Polysaccharides from Talinum triangulare. 27屆生物醫學聯合學術年會The 27th Joint Annual Conference of Biomedical SciencesMarch 17-18, 國防醫學院 P309.

  • Kuei-Mei Hsu, Sue-Hong Wang, Wei-Chi Wang, Ming-Shium Tsai #.(2012) Screening and Studying Anti-inflammatory Effects of Various Herbal Extracts in Mouse RAW264.7 Macrophages. 27屆生物醫學聯合學術年會The 27th Joint Annual Conference of Biomedical SciencesMarch 17-18, .國防醫學院 P308.

  • Yuan-Yi Wu, Ming-Shiun Tsai and Sue-Hong Wang# (2011) Expression of Duxbl in retinal ganglion cells, lens epithelial cells and extraocular muscle during mouse eye development. 第二十六屆 (一百年度) 生物醫學聯合學術年會The Joint Annual Conference of Biomesical Sciences (2011) P896.

  • Kok Zhi Lee, Jia-Ling Shi, Shin-Tzu Wang, Ting-Hui Lin and Sue-Hong Wang# (2011). Duxbl, an FSHD candidate mouse ortholog gene, promotes cell proliferation and abolishes myoblast differentiation. 第二十六屆 (一百年度) 生物醫學聯合學術年會The Joint Annual Conference of Biomesical Sciences (2011) P887.

  • Chia-Ching Lin, Shu-Ching Hsu, Kuen-Daw Tsai, Yi-Ju Lee, Sue-Hong Wang and Ting-Hui Lin#. (2011) Inhibitory effects of LY294002 and Genistein on LPS/IFN-r-induced Nitric Oxide Production through decreasing inducible nitric oxide synthase dimmer/monomer ratio in glomerular mesangial cells. 第二十六屆 (一百年度) 生物醫學聯合學術年會The Joint Annual Conference of Biomesical Sciences (2011) P69.

  • Cing-De Huang, Mi-Chia Jun, Liang-Jen Chuo, Sue-Hong Wag, Yi-Chun Lin and Ming-Shiun Tsai#. (2011) Studying the relationships of single nucleotide polymorphisms in GRM3 and DTNBP1 genes and Schizophrenia in Taiwan. 第二十六屆 (一百年度) 生物醫學聯合學術年會The Joint Annual Conference of Biomesical Sciences (2011) P37.

  • Chiung-Yi Chiu, Wan-Ting Chang, Sue-Hong Wang, Liang-Jen Chuo and Ming-Shiun Tsai# (2011). Screening the epilepsy drugs for potential therapy of spinal muscular atrophy. 第二十六屆 (一百年度) 生物醫學聯合學術年會The Joint Annual Conference of Biomesical Sciences (2011) P36.

  • 鄭恩惠、王淑紅、 黃俊嘉、 黃梨香、 陳忠義、 李茂盛 (2010) 細胞質多聚腺苷酸化同源基因干擾 RNA會抑制在小鼠卵母細胞進行減數分裂。台灣婦產科醫學會九十九年度擴大學術研討會。

  • Shih-Ling Huang*, Ming-Shiun Tsai, Sue-Hong Wang#. Gcse, a novel germ-cell specific gene, is involved in acrosome biogenesis during mouse spermatogenesis. 2010 Developmental Biology Retreat. P13. Aug. 9~10. 2010. 救國團復興青年活動中心.

  • Ming-Shiun Tsai*, Wei-Tang Chang, Yu-Han Shen, Shih-Ling Huang and Sue-Hong Wang#. The biphasic DNA binding properties of two homeodomains of a novel double homeodomain protein, Duxbl. 2010 Developmental Biology Retreat. P11. Aug. 9~10. 2010. 救國團復興青年活動中心.

  • 黃士玲*, 藍國蓉, 蔡明勳, 王淑紅#. Identification and Characterization of a Novel Germ Cell Specific Expressed Gene, Gcse. 第二十五屆 (九十九年度) 生物醫學聯合學術年會The Joint Annual Conference of Biomesical Sciences (2010) P916.

  • Cyun-Hau Peng*, Yue-Jyun Chen, Sue-Hong Wang, Ming-Shiun Tsai#. Analyzing the Anti-microorganism Activities of Five Chinese Herbal Extracts. 第二十五屆 (九十九年度) 生物醫學聯合學術年會The Joint Annual Conference of Biomesical Sciences (2010) P732.

  • Even Chou*, Sue-Hong Wang, Ming-Shiun Tsai#. Studying the Potential Anti-tumor Effects of Extracts from Toona Sinensis and Zanthoxylum ailantoides for 3 Female Cancer Cells. 第二十五屆 (九十九年度) 生物醫學聯合學術年會